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Famous for the "Constructed For Life" tagline, Stanley thermos products have a sterling popularity for being just about indestructible. Having as soon as thought that tales about their sturdiness and toughness are simply marketing hype or a bunch of exaggerated retellings, I decided to get to the bottom of issues and do some experimenting of my own. I would attempt to abuse a Stanley thermos as much as its breaking level, and see if it still retains coffee heat after a substantial quantity of bodily damage. At worst, I'm going to see if it should develop a leak.

My check topic is a basic green Stanley thermos that I inherited from my father. It's older than me however can still keep coffee hot for almost 24 hours, however I only attributed its longevity to the truth that my father is an obsessive compulsive neat freak. He takes really good care of his belongings so I believed the thermos was just properly preserved. I absolutely supposed to place my Stanley thermos to a bunch of punishing exams that may occur to a thermos in its day by day duties as beverage holder. All the conditions are realistic and might occur accidentally. It's not like I'll put one beneath a chainsaw.

My first check was to drop the unlucky Stanley thermos from a excessive place. I poured scorching espresso contained in the thermos, closed the lid tightly and went behind the workplace so I can drop it from the 5th ground's fireplace escape ladder. After the autumn, I checked the thermos for spillage, leakage or any damage. There was a small scratch and a dent on the underside, the half that hit the pavement first, but no leaks or spillage, as the lid remained tightly closed.

The second test was to treat the Stanley thermos like a Slinky toy and let it roll down a long flight of stairs by itself. Fortunately, the office constructing had a flight of stairs reserved for times when the elevator is unavailable. The elevator being available meant that we had the steps all to ourselves, and it was an excellent thing as a result of a thermos rolling down vertically from ten flights of stairs is extraordinarily loud. As for the take a look at, lots of noise was made but damage and leakage were nonexistent.

Our last take a look at consisted of going outdoors after workplace hours and directly banging the Stanley best thermos for soup on the pavement. I can not give you a state of affairs the place a thermos would accidentally hit the pavement 5 times at breakneck speeds, but it appeared like a pure course of action on the time. We banged the thermos on the pavement 5 occasions as hard as we might, and checked for damage. There were extra dents and scratches made, however still no leakage. At that time we declared the experiment over and I began believing that a Stanley thermos is really Built For Life. We celebrated the Stanley thermos' sturdiness by drinking the coffee inside, which, by the way, continues to be hot.