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As a mother of two small children who want to spend time outside, I'm generally interested in defending them from biting insects, mosquitos and other pests. We worry about using harsh chemical substances on their skin and hate unpleasant, sticky sprays as well as lotions and creams : particularly the ones that include DEET. The Your Prepared Family Mosquito Repellent Stickers certainly are a wonderful alternative for my loved ones! They provide defense for me as well as my youngsters, letting us to do all the out of doors activities we all adore, like walking, camping, cycling, gardening, athletics plus much more! They are super easy to use - merely remove the patch from the backing and apply to garments, carrier, back pack or buggy. I learned about Keep reading about this insect repellent patch product by browsing Google. My children also really like the cute animal images on the patches!.