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I love summertime due to the fact that my garden is overruning with fresh herbs and veggies. While I preserve pickles, beets, beans and tomatoes, I have actually never really attempted to gather and save my herbs. Well that has changed now that I've found this compact herb grinder that turns my dried herbs into a nice consistency for cooking. I take pleasure in trying to find brand-new products and gifts on Amazon, and sure enough that is where I discovered this compact herb grinder. This mill can likewise grind spices (it is really strong) and it would also work well as a tobacco mill. There are 2 chambers into which the ground herbs fall. The top one is for the bigger leaves, the 2nd chamber is covered by a screen and just the finest pollen sifts through, and there is a little scraper to efficiently clear out and gather the tiny particles. When I showed my brand-new herb mill to my good friends, they had the great idea of grinding my oregano directly above my pizza, or straight into my spaghetti sauce - talk about fresh! I could tell my good friends really liked my new kitchen device so I intend on ordering several from Amazon to use as presents and stocking stuffers. Not always do I have such luck with brand-new products, however this one is a winner! So if you have good friends or family members that like to prepare with fresh ingredients, I encourage you to click the link below and obtain a couple, plus get one for yourself. Then dry those herbs instead of letting them go to waste, and grind them up for a huge flavor boost in your recipes!. Get new resources on our affiliated website by going to Check out this herb grinders product now.