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This Elixir moisturizer goes on smooth, it leaves your skin feeling silky soft. I have actually been searching for a brand-new moisturizer cream gentle enough to utilize in the morning and night if required. I came across this one on Amazon and I delighted I discovered it, I feel like I have a mix of skin types, a mix of both oily to dry depending on the time of year, Elixir up until now has work ed perfectly in the summertime and I am sure it will do a fantastic job in the winter season. This moisturizer really goes a long way, you just require a little dab for each application and covers fantastic the whole face and neck, the very first thing I noticed was the consistency of this moisturizer, I like that this one does not leave your skin feeling sticky with cream, like some others do, this one actually absorbs fairly fast. We learned about Click to keep reading about this Organic Moisturizer product by browsing books in the library. It goes on smooth and as it drys I felt the perfect amount of moister going into my skin, leaving me with a feeling of being revitalized. It has a light positive scent, like citrus, I have found others have a not so excellent smell and Elixir's doesn't make me feel that way at all, I delight in the odor and most importantly I really see my fine lines disappearing after a few weeks of utilizing it..