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I have numerous paint brushes inside my house because artwork is something I like. I was surprised by the quality of these kind of paintbrushes. Normally the brushes in this price range have lose bristles or bristles which are bent in the wrong direction. I normally have to trim all of them up to meet my expectations. These paint brushes were received in excellent condition. Absolutely no bristles fell out while I was painting. The handles are the ideal period. If people fancy to dig up further about Check this out at amazon.com/Watercolor-Acrylic-Painting-Golden-Eunectes/dp/B0134GZPAG/Paint brush set/, we know of millions of on-line databases you might consider pursuing. They've a colored satin finish. They feel comfortable in your hand. The different brush dimensions provides a good choice for many paintings. The set also features a drawing pen and also sponge. The sponge is much like a make-up sponge therefore it may be used during face painting. It is delicate and flexible. The pen is very dark. Similar to a charcoal pen and great for shading. The lead in this pencil is applicable very well to paper. I've used them to apply paints on my face for Halloween party and they perform fantastic! The smaller brushes are good fine detail brushes and I use the largest brush to use much larger area's that I am performing on my face as well as entire body. I do think they're pretty good brushes and I think they would be nice for somebody looking for good brushes..