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Don't want to read? Then how about television. And I'm not talking Disney Channel or Cartoon Network.....I'm talking NEWS! Really! News! I so rarely get to sit down and watch the news, that this is another one of those words I like to end with an exclamation point. And the news channels not only give you never-ending insight into the top stories of the day, but, apparently understanding that we are a nation of multi-taskers, the television news programs also have a scrolling bar (sometimes more than one) that let you know about stock prices and other top news and weather stories. All news. All the time. Ahhhhhhh.

discount codesThe basic idea of a car is pretty simple -- turn wheels to pull you down the road. But, as illustrated by the hundreds of individual parts for sale at your local pep boys oil coupon, Autozone or Napa Auto Parts, it actually takes a lot of machinery to make cars work. If you're trying to figure out what all the parts in your car do, this next area will help.

Never ever, ever, ever, ask your neighbor how she parents. You wouldn't take your car to an accountant for an pep boys oil econo lube n Tune coupons would you? Consider yourself the expert in your child's life.

Oh, and, please, let's not forget the refreshments. The car dealership where I got my oil changed today had a wonderful selection of coffees, teas, even hot cocoa! There was a Cheap oil change basket filled with mini muffins --- poppy seed, blueberry, even apple-walnut (I know, I tasted them all!). The black leather chairs were big and cozy, and the flat-screened, wall-mounted television was quietly playing the news to an audience of one (that would be me).

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