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I usually clip my keys to the pocket of my running shorts using a carabiner. While this helps keep them secure, I can feel them flop around in my pocket during my entire run. This belt stores my keys securely without flopping. PROs + Comfortable: I'm using the "Huge" size and it fits well without being too tight and it doesn't fall down from being too loose. For reference, I generally use a 32-inch waist with Levi jeans. I use it over the waist band of my running shorts and holds all my things easily without jabbing my keys into my stomach. + Lots of storage: Basically, the entire belt is "hollow" in the middle with a few cutouts to put things in. There is space for my phone, keys , ID card, energy gels, and some money if I need it. You then turn it over so the cutouts are against your waist, which avoids anything from falling out. There's also a clip inside the belt if you want to secure your keys even more, but I did not find it necessary to do so. + Quality: The stitching looks strong and the belt has held up well in the cleaning machine. CONs - Color: While the color makes me more visible if I'm running in traffic, I would have chosen a darker color for my off roadway runs. The manufacturer informed me that more colors are on the way. Likewise, you can wear this below your shirt if you choose. In general, this belt works terrific for me as it holds my keys close to my body throughout my runs and prevents them from flopping around, which I actually like. I hope that my unbiased testing and review of this sample unit I got helps you in making a notified purchasing choice. If there is anything that I can do to improve this review, kindly let me understand by leaving a note in the comments so I might respond. Identify further about Click for more about this flip belt product by going to our witty use with. Thank you!.