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I have been playing the guitar for over fifty years and came from a professional background of recording, song writing and performing. I had actually picked up and tried playing the ukulele on just a few occasions however since the tuning is different than the guitar I didn't actually know the best ways to put my fingers to hold various chords. Sadly, I never got that interested and never ever pursued the ukulele. A few months ago I acquired a fantastic soprano ukulele I found on Amazon after I realized that they were becoming increasingly popular. I saw that professional recording artists were playing them on their albums. Dig up more on our related web resource by navigating to Click to keep reading about this ukulele bundle product. I also wanted to have one due to the fact that they are little and lightweight and easy to carry for travel. It was really simple to find out after you understand the tuning and discover a few chords. In no time I had actually mastered various chords and my better half and I were singing together and having a great deal of fun. We are the life of the party entertaining our friends and family and I take my ukulele all over with us. If you are thinking about playing an instrument that is basic, I suggest getting a ukulele and start having a good time with music..