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A clean house is a goal all people strive for, but to get that goal too often we go to harsh chemicals and expensive cleaning products. Did you know you can create your own POISON FREE cleaning products for a fraction of the price of conventional store bought products? By combining simple ingredients and a few essential oils you quickly have chemical free Cleaning Hacks to share with your family and friends. We found out about Learn more at amazon.com/Essential-Aromatherapy-Perfumes-Bottle-Includes/dp/B016N1NKRE/Essential Oils/ by browsing the Internet. One thing to mention, most cleaning products are packaged in simple plastic bottles; this is not a good option. Plastic breaks down over time especially when introduced to vinegar & essential oils. A better go to is Glass Spray Bottles, and a even better option is Colored Glass Bottles these protect the products from oxidation.