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It might be tough to think that an easy vitamin can have devastating effect on your health if you do not get enough of it. That is certainly the case with vitamin B12. Take Andrew for instance, at 53 years old he appeared to be in fairly decent health. He had actually generally been active (3 kids will keep you on your toes) and he usually ate what he would refer to as "respectably, but I understand I could consume a couple of more vegetables." But over a few months time he started developing a couple of "disconcerting" signs. It started with a tingling in the toes of his right foot and gradually advanced to a feeling of "pins and needles" in both feet and hands. He likewise experienced fuzziness, or brain fog, in his daily thought process as well as a tiredness he just couldn't shake no matter just how much coffee he had that day. It ended up this and a few more odd symptoms were all because he was really low in his blood levels of vitamin B12. It could have been much worse, if left without treatment a B12 deficiency can cause anxiety, delusions, memory loss, loss of odor and taste and even irreversible neuralgic damage. Fortunately for Andrew, and the rest of us, B12 supplements are easily available in stores and online at places like Amazon. The issue is not all vitamin B12 is the exact same. You see most supplements, as well as doctor prescribed B12 shots are utilizing synthetic cynocobalamin B12 which you really don't want. The most bioavailable type is methycobalamin which is the natural kind discovered in food and the type the body requires for best effectiveness. It is also the only kind that readily crosses the blood-brain-barrier. (cynocobalamin has to be transformed by the body into the methyl form before it can even be used). A Methyl Vitamin B12 product I actually use regularly is the little lozenge type, since I don't prefer to take big tablets, a messy liquid or most of all B12 shots. (no shots for me thank you very much) An added benefit of the lozenges is that they can be taken sublingually, which is they dissolve quickly under the tongue where the vitamin is taken in the best. I have actually been utilizing the Natural Health Goodies vitamin D drops for a couple of years with excellent outcomes so when I saw they had actually released a Methyl B12 lozenge I was pretty thrilled to try it. They have actually certainly done their research and offer items that are natural with no preservatives or any of the major allergens you find in other health supplements. To study more, please have a peep at: Click this link for more on this vitamin b12 methylcobalamin product. Plus, if you have actually ever had to call them they appear to actually care about their customers and the quality of their items. If you presume you are low in vitamin B12 I recommend you get your Serum B12 levels checked to make sure. If you or somebody you understand lacks B12 I'd encourage you to click the link below to give Natural Health Goodies Methyl B12 Lozenges a try and see for yourself how easy they are to take and potent too..