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The Mayer Charter is a Croatian travel agency that arranges boat trips from the city of Split and Trogir to surrounding islands such as Brac, Hvarm Blue Cave, Solta and many others. The company manages the website Split-trips.com, an online platform that provides visitors relevant information on the services supplied and of course on the tour destinations. The travel agency is actually specialized in boat rentals and transfers, thus catering to the needs of people who want to visit Blue Cave Croatia. Transport is ensured for clients regardless of their location and the boat rental includes skipper services as well. The services of the company address mainly tourists that are interested in experiencing adventures on the sea and who desire to tailor the Split tours according to their wishes. Besides the possibility to rent a boat Split, the travel agency allows customers to decide aspects such as departure and arrival time and places to visit.

Clients can choose to stay on the coast and embark on a tour with the minivan or they can go on a Blue Cave tour, the famous sea cave that is located on the east side of the island of Bisevo. Nonetheless, the travel agency offers its clients the opportunity to explore other pearls of the region of Dalmatia as well. Suggested day trips include excursions from Brac to Golden Horn and from Solta to the Blue Lagoon. The sea trips organized by the Mayer Charter include snorkeling gear, safety equipment and even insurance. The destinations proposed by the agency are suitable for celebrating special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries, but more importantly they have beautiful beaches and are full of history. The point is that the trips are especially created to ensure that the customer is enjoying a good time. The Mayer Charter even ensures water taxi transportation from the airport. The service that they provide is considered one the most reliable ones and it offers flexibility for clients who arrive or depart on flights that arrive late. The company takes clients to their destinations immediately, thus allowing them to avoid the confusion generated by ferries.

As mentioned before, the online page of the Mayer Charter provides comprehensive details about the main islands surrounding Split and of course detailed descriptions of the tours. What the visitor learns is that even though the company operates 24/7, all the cruises are subject to weather conditions; this means that if there is bad weather, then the agency should be contacted immediately. Equally important is mentioning that group excursions have to be booked in advance due to the fact that the space is limited and if the number of passengers is not reached, the agency has the right to cancel the trip. To sum up, the Mayer Charter is a professional company that specialized in boat rentals and transfers, but more importantly sea cruises from Split to the surrounding Croatian islands. Clients are not even required to settle for the itineraries proposed because they personalize the cruise in any way that they want. On the basis of the point mentioned above it is clear that hiring this travel agency has many benefits.