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The newest box office figures present the political documentary movie ‘2016: Obama’s America’ by creator and scholar Dinesh D’Souza and highly-acclaimed film producer John Sullivan has grossed $26 million at film theaters all through the nation as of this weekend ending September 9, 2012.

"2016: Obama’s America" is hidden from the public

As of the most recent figures released this weekend, it's second only within the political documentary category to Michael Moore’s "Fahrenheit September 11" which took a liberal take a look at President George W. Bush’s first term in the White House. Whereas that movie made $119.1 million which can seemingly not be surpassed, ‘2016: Obama’s America" has surpassed the entire other Moore projects.

"2016: Obama's America" continues to pack theaters

It should be noted that while "Fahrenheit 11th of September" opened at 868 theaters in June of 2004, "2016: Obama’s America" opened at only 1 theater in July of 2012. "2016" has had an uphill battle with getting any positive press and promotion throughout the period of its run.

"2016: Obama's America" peaked in the course of the Republican Nationwide Conference

With the new determine for D’Souza’s documentary, it has now handed Moore’s "Sicko" from 2007 which grossed $24.5 million and falls to 3 on the political documentary record, "Bowling For Columbine" from 2002 which grossed $21.5 million falls to five, and "Capitalism: A Love Story" from 2009 which grossed $14.four million falls to 6.

Moreover, "2016: Obama’s America" has passed other notable hbo documentaries 2016 - www.pinterest.com - together with Al Gore’s and Davis Guggenheim’s "An Inconvenient Fact" from 2006 which grossed $24.1 million which now falls to 4 on the political documentary list.

There are only 5 political documentaries which have now grossed greater than $20 million.

It was already established weeks ago that the anti-Obama film by D’Souza had develop into the 1 documentary of 2012 by attracting extra viewers than "Bully" and had develop into the 1 conservative documentary of all-time by surpassing the field office gross of the former field office champ "No Intelligence Allowed" which made $7.7 million.

"2016: Obama’s America" did extraordinarily nicely in the weekend prior to the Republican Nationwide Conference and has held on to respectable recognition with movie-goers since the occasion two weeks ago.

Conservative Dinesh D’Souza’s finest-selling e book from 2010, "The Roots Of Obama’s Rage", is the first source of "2016: Obama’s America".

The movie traces Obama’s roots a lot as Obama’s autobiographical text "Desires From My Father" did and discusses the results of Obama’s previous - and in particular the damaging effects D’Souza believes Obama’s presidency - has on the American people, their nation, and the nation’s current economical state.