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A typical annoyance for brides when planning their wedding decorations will be to not be supplied with a floor length table cloth to cover the banqueting tables. Many brides don't enjoy the fact that it is possible to see the table's legs particularly if that table is not in the greatest of state.
The simple method to prevent this dilemma would be to hire or lease a table material that drops to the floor. That is one of the simplest and most cost effective ways to add a bit of design to your wedding decor.
Then the banqueting industry is highly likely if you're not in it you will be unsure which size of table fabric you actually desire so here is useful calculator to use that will make your own life easier and an instant primer.
Floor Span Table Cloths
Banqueting table cloths were three quarter length for practicality and there was merely a selection of white! Nevertheless, together with the variety of colours, patterns and fabrics now available, the practicality of simply covering the table isn't the most essential factor anymore.
Now it's about how the table cloth can enhance the appearance of your tables and increase your wedding's total styling. Floor length table cloths are ideal for adding some style or refined look to your wedding decorations.
Table Fabric Size Calculator
Many people get confused when computing the size they require. For a 6 foot round table that you'll need a 132" round table material if you want it to drop to the floor absolutely at all sides. How do you calculate this? There's actually a really easy formula for doing so:
1. Be sure to know the height and width (diameter) to be covered. The typical height in the events or banqueting industry is generally 30".
2. To calculate the drop of the table material, simply subtract the width from the width of the table cloth. You then divide the difference by 2 to provide you with the drop on all sides = 30". And voila, your table cloth will be floor length all of the way round.
On a 5' round table you'll need a 120" table material along with a 108" will be floor length on a 4' round table.
Likewise, a 120" round table fabric on a 6' table will drop 6" from the floor, i.e. 120"-72" = 48"/2 = 24".
The Most frequent Round Banqueting Table Fabric Sizes
132" round table cloth
A round 132" table fabric fits a 6ft table flawlessly, with the edges gradually resting on the floor. If you're to use this on a table that is smaller, just tuck in the edges to give it a neat puffball effect.
You should have the ability to comfortably fit 10-12 guests on a 6ft table depending on whether you work with a base or charger plate, i.e. more guests in case you don't use a base or side plate.
130" round table material
Much like the 132", it'll drop approximately 1" from the floor on a 6ft table.
120" round table fabric
A round 120" fabric fits a 5feet table flawlessly, with the borders just resting on the floor. It you were to use this on a 6ft table, it might come to approx to the floor.
You need to be able to comfortably fit 8-10 guests on a 5feet round table depending on whether you make use of a base or charger plate, i.e. more guests should youn't use a base or side plate.
118" round table material
Much like the 120", it's going to drop about 1" from the floor on a 5ft table.
108" round table material
The 108" will be floor length on a 4foot round table. Additionally, it may be used as a cloth that was through and this is a fantastic manner of bringing to your own table design in an accent colour especially if you are using multiple colour in your wedding decorations.
You must be able to comfortably suit 6-8 guests on a 4foot round table depending on whether you use a base or charger plate, i.e. more guests in case you don't use a base or side plate.
96" round table material
The 96" table material will likely be floor length on a 3foot round table. The primary use for a 96" cloth is for a 3foot round cake table in a marriage, where the table material will probably be floor span.
Table Runners
A table runner is a great strategy to accessorise your table design and add another dash of colour to your wedding decorations and is usually rectangular. They're extremely versatile and may be utilized on circular tables and round tables.
Perhaps the best use is around the top table. Using a different colour runner for the top table, you can enhance the design of this most important of tables
Trestle tablecloths
Trestle materials are made for rectangular tables as serving stations, that are frequently used or for the top table at a wedding reception. It's however, as some say it motivates more guests to converse, becoming more popular to seat wedding guests at tables that are rectangular. Here will be the most frequent sizes:
88" x 144" Rectangular Table Cloth
Made to fit a 6ft x 2.5ft conventional trestle table. It's going to be floor length the whole way round the table. If you are butting at trestle tables together and don't need an unsightly join down the centre, you can request your provider to get a bespoke cloth to fit the run or a runner to hide the join.
This common size could be placed to be floor length on three sides, making it well suited for servers to store underneath if it is being used by them as a short-term tavern things.
The 70" x 108" is comparable to the 70" x 144" but will be off the floor on all sides assuming a standard 6ft trestle table is being covered.
These table cloths are another, however more traditional manner, to create diamond shapes on trestle and round tables to incorporate an accent colour.

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