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The rose has at all times been a symbol of love, youth and beauty. There couldn't possibly be a flower which has been extra cherished and praised from antiquity to fashionable days. Perhaps because of its intoxicating perfume, with which one instantly falls in love, it has always been related with one thing divine.

The Bulgarian oil-bearing rose (Rosa Damascena Mill), additionally referred to as Damask Rose or Rose Otto, is essentially the most valued of all oil-bearing roses, obtained as a result of 300 years of breeding. Its refined and dermatological qualities make it an irreplaceable element in perfumery and cosmetics.

Rosa Damascena important oil

It is Might again. It's time to harvest the oil-bearing roses from the fields in "The Valley of Roses" - Kazanlak, Bulgaria. Very early within the morning, whilst the morning dew continues to be there on the roses, the rose blossoms are carefully picked from the plant, putted into plastic luggage and transported as fast as attainable to the distillery plant, where to be steam distilled.


The 100% pure Bulgarian Damask Rose oil is yellow to yellow-green in coloration, and tends to solidify into a translucent mass at temperatures under 20°C. The Aroma of the Bulgarian Rose oil is heat, floral, specifically dense, high quality with honey notes. This unique plant fragrance enlivens the connection between our physical our bodies and our religious selves. The Rose Otto could also be used on all skin types, especially on mature and delicate skin.

The Bulgarian Damask Rose oil is a prime note important oil, which disperses quickly, and on inhalation penetrates the olfactory senses and invigorates the human energy centers.

It takes about 4000 kilograms of rose petals from the Rosa Damascena flower to produce only 1 kilogram of one hundred% pure rose oil, or in other phrases, for just 1 drop of rose oil there are 30 petals needed.


All the pieces has an electrical frequency, and essential oils include frequencies which can be several times higher than the frequencies of herbs and foods. The Bulgarian Damask Rose oil frequency is extremely excessive and rapid. It has the highest frequency of all important oils on the planet - 320 Hertz. This in itself is a vital factor, because it means that the aromatic molecules in the rose oil, on inhalation or application, are able to shortly penetrate and journey the infinitesimal pathways of the body, rapidly energising each cell, and bringing balance, concord and wonder to the human body.

Lastly, I wish to share with You how Ivan Vazov, an ideal Bulgarian writer, has given vent to his feelings which the lush panorama of the "Valley of Roses" evoked in him, back in 1886.

"How beautiful this valley is! So far as eyes can see, glistening green meads and tender velvety swards, rose gardens in blossoms spelling fragrance, clear mountain springs murmuring by means of recent meadows, tufts of chestnuts, walnuts, plum-timber, cherries, cornel-timber and apples in flowers and throughout this wonderful green panorama, amongst copses of willows and whispering elms, the younger Toundzha river meanders in wonderful curves. On the backfloor one can see Stara Planina: a range of big peaks, basking within the blue sky... And fifteen days later, some enchantress will sprinkle dewy roses upon these tender greens and the air might be