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Worx is a company that specializes in making all sorts of devices, a lot of it being highly helpful for lawn work- such as blowers, chainsaws, wheelbarrows, and other customized devices. Forget the stress of untangling extension cords - the 18-volt battery-powered WORX GT can cut approximately a 1/2 acre yard on a single charge. It goes anywhere you have to And unlike some competitive cordless designs, the WORX GT comes with a 1-hour quick battery charger so you do not need to await hours for the battery to re-charge ... you're back to work in minutes not hours. We're constantly pleased to explore evaluation chances with gardening product companies.

The distinct cutting head of worx gt weed trimmer GT rotates as much as 90-degrees to reach under decks, under play equipment, under bushes and trees or on slopes and hillsides. The auto-feed line system of the WORX GT feeds out line with an easy squeeze and release of the trigger. The WORX GT adjusts in length and manage positions to guarantee a more comfortable ergonomic fit and less stress on arms and backs. And unlike long, large trimmers, the WORX GT collapses for simple storage in a closet or garage. Then the brand-new, revamped WORX GT2.0 MaxLithiumTM 3-in-1 Yard Trimmer/Edger/Mower may be the perfect device for you.

That works - sort of. Because of the wheel assembly, the front of the trimmer head keeps nose-diving as you move back and forth and it's hard to move the trimmer where you need it. When the tool is in use, the WORX GT2.0 3-in-1 Trimmer/Edger comes with an optional wheel assembly that's intended to offer support. After utilizing the trimmer for a complete period, I can state that I have actually had no issues with the battery at all.

The manufacturer says that they have actually found a brand-new battery carrier who has corrected the previous problems which the new high-density MaxLithiumTM battery has practically twice the capacity of previous batteries. For complete details about the battery, read our Q&A About the WORX MaxLithium Battery with Brandon Martin, WORX Product Manager (it's in our review of the WORXAIR Blower). And never ever, never ever, never ever attempt to squeeze all the juice" from the battery when it stops working. Just put it on the charger and charge it (this is where a 2nd battery is available in handy!).

If you're trying to find a lightweight, adjustable, and convenient string trimmer, I extremely advise the WORX GT2.0 MaxLithium 3-in-1 Trimmer/Edger. There have actually been no battery concerns, string spools have actually been easy to replace, and I enjoy the convenience of not needing to gas up or plug in. It's readily available at local retailers, on the WORX web site, and on Amazon (as the WG160) for under $115. It's likewise available in the more powerful 32V model (WG175) and with a 1/2 hour quicker charger for $149.85.